Graton Pesticides

Here is a zoomed-in view of the Pesticide Tracking California map showing Graton is a pesticide hotspot in Sonoma County.  The problem with the public data is it is not visualized in high resolution and the raw data itself (accessed Feb2020) is only available through 2017.  

Source:  Tracking California, Public Health Institute.  Agricultural Pesticide Mapping Tool. Accessed 2/18/2020 from

Graton Pesticides Data Update Project Steps Taken:

  1. FOIA request latest 2 years updated pesticides data (PUR) within 1 mile of your township from
  2. Follow instructions here to use above data to create visualizations for your township.

About the Interactive Visualization Below:
  • Click on "2017 Pounds of Chemicals by Crop".  We see that "apples" use the most pesticides overall.  However, "wine grapes" use the most glyphosates. 
  • Click on "Pounds of Chemicals per Year".  We can see that within Graton, "Glyphosates" (aka Roundup and Buccaneer) are the 2nd highest pesticide applied in terms of active ingredients.     
  • Click on "Permittee Spray Applications per Year".  We can also see "Dutton Ranch Corp" as the worst wine grape offender in terms of pounds of pesticides used.  
  • Click "2019 Map Graton" to visualize the proximity of the wine grape vineyards to downtown.  Hover over any dot on the map to view more details.

To embed these interactive charts on your own webpage, click the "Share" icon on the bottom right in the grey menu bar of the visualization above.  Copy the embed HTML.

Data Notes:
  • Pesticide Use Report (PUR) includes fields such as: 
  • Note: CDPR county codes:  Sonoma = 49
  • Note: CDPR commodity codes:  Wine grape = 29143, Apple = 4001
  • Conversion to pounds:  gallons product used * density * specific gravity, where